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What is it? Who is it for? Why do you need it?
Imagine going on a luxurious, carefree vacation. This isn't a vacation website, but when one of our clients stopped paying his mortgage fast and got more than he expected from the sale of his home, that's just what he did.
  Today the home seller faces competition and uncertainty in our current housing market. Home buyers have the advantage. How can you gain control and hold a competitive edge? Can you find a way to protect your interests?
Yes, you can.
Moore Home Staging and Design sets the stage of your home for your buyers to fall in love with your home, imagine themselves living there, and decide to take action.  You sell your house faster, and for more.

Moore Home Staging and Design is your Price Reduction Cure. Find out why here.
We know what it takes to be the best house on the market, so we designed a process to eliminate the guesswork. We even include the services you need to get your house on the market in a snap.

 While general home staging recommends enhancements to your home, Moore Home Staging and Design does that and more. We make sure you avoid any unnecessary fixes, then our team uses their experience and skill to transform your house into a beautiful model home that anyone would want to own, with all the services you need to get you there! Your buyer will emotionally connect with your home, and want to live there.

Be the Best Choice for Your Buyer In Your Neighborhood!
To make it easy to get you started, we set up 3 programs so you can get your house ready for sale fast and get a competitive edge.
Each of our programs gives you much more than conventional home staging. We use all our proprietary secrets that will give you a jump on the market.  Our goal is to save you money, time and the trial and error that sometimes occurs. The result is a faster and easier process that saves you from unnecessary spending and aggravation. Check the Programs page to find out which program is right for you.

home staging savings calculatorOh, and remember that vacation I was talking about? You can take one, too. Use the calculator above and visit the calculator page to see how much money you'll save when you stage your home to sell it!